Christmas in Tarragona is one of the most magical times of year for the smallest members of the household – and also for the rest of the family.

And this year the celebrations are more eagerly-awaited than ever because of the difficult health situation we have lived through and which, between all of us, we’re going to get over.

Tarragona, which is already showing off its new lights with 1,201 Christmas motifs to add warmth to the streets of our city, is laying on a total of 300 events to fill the city with fun, cultural and educational options to suit all ages.

Want to know what the city of Tarragona has in store at this special time of year? Don’t miss a single detail!

Starting with the traditions most eagerly-awaited by the little ones: Father Christmas and their majesties the Three Kings, who will be visiting every corner of Tarragona, bringing joy and magic with them.

The Pastorets nativity plays, Christmas markets, the ice rink and the children’s park are back to make this Christmas the celebration we all deserve.

We offer you a magical route on which everyone is welcome, to enjoy Christmas as if we were all children!

Let’s go!

Christmas festivities and traditions in Tarragona

Father Christmas and the Three Kings’ Pages

Enjoy the street show with Father Christmas and his elves on 23rd and 24th December.

The Three Kings’ Page will be collecting letters asking the Kings for presents from 2nd to 4th January, in the Pati de Jaume I in the Tarragona City Hall.

Here you can download a really neat letter to give to the Kings’ Pages who are visiting the city of Tarragona at the moment to pass on all our kids’ wishes to their majesties.

Also, if you and your family would like to see how the Pages are working to get everything ready for Kings’ Night on 5th January you can visit the Kings’ Warehouse in Refugi 1 on the Moll de Costa from 28th to 30th December.

There, the Three Kings’ Pages are wrapping all the presents to get them out on time to reach all the homes in Tarragona.

The city nativity scene

Every Christmas, the municipal workforce sets up the traditional nativity scene, with large figures and a small garden, in different places around the city – this year it’s in the Plaça del Rei. A big attraction for all ages.

Image of the traditional nativity scene at the Plaza del Rey
The traditional nativity scene in Plaza del Rey has life-size figures.

L’Home dels Nassos

The last day of the year is the day of the Home dels Nassos, the man with as many noses as there are days in the year – or at least, as many days as there are left!

From 11am to 3pm he will be going round the streets of Tarragona with his pages and his musicians, who will provide the best way to end 2023.

Image of the "Home dels Nassos" during Christmas in Tarragona.
The “Home dels Nassos” goes through the streets of Tarragona every year.

El bany de Sant Silvestre

On the 31st December on the Miracle beach, next to the marina, the boldest and bravest plunge into the cold water of the Mediterranean for their last dip of the year, known as the Bany de Sant Silvestre.

Bathers celebrating the end of the year during Christmas in Tarragona.
Daring swimmers dive into the cold Mediterranean Sea to celebrate the end of the year.

The Three Kings’ procession

Their majesties the Three Kings of Orient are here!

Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar arrive in Tarragona on 5th January for the traditional Three Kings’ procession, to see all the children of the city and make sure they’ve been good this year.

Image of the Three Wise Men with all their pages
Their Majesties the Three Wise Men of the East with all their pages during Three Kings Day.

The procession begins at 6.15pm, when the Three Kings arrive by sea, bearing all the presents for the girls and boys of Tarragona.

From there they will pass though the Plaça dels Carros, the Carrer Apodaca, the Plaça de la Mitja Lluna, the Carrer Unió, the Rambla Nova, the Carrer Sant Agustí, the Portalet and the Plaça de la Font.

There, the Three Kings will be presented with the keys to the city by the mayor, Pau Ricomà.

Christmas shows in Tarragona

The Pastorets nativity play is brought back to the Metropole theatre with La Salle association and the company La Golfa.

Anno Domini: a historical recreation of a living nativity scene

On 17th, 18th and 19th December you can travel back to 1st-century Judea with the show Anno Domini, a recreation of the first Christmas ever.

The story of Jesus of Nazareth will be told through different recreations: scenes from the Old Testament prophecies, the Annunciation, the Registration, the Annunciation to the shepherds, the Nativity and the Visit of the Magi.

It will be performed at the Bible Museum and is free of charge. And you can follow it in Catalan or in Spanish.

Visit this living nativity scene – don’t miss it! It will take you back to the origins of Christmas.

Image of the historical re-enactment Anno Domini
Anno Domini gives an insight into what the first Christmas was like.

Christmas concerts in Tarragona

The Christmas concert explains the tradition and origin of this festivity as we know it today, and it does so through music. It will be performed by students at AMTP, the traditional and popular music school, and El Tecler.

If you would like to enjoy some music and theatre, make a note of the date: 15th December at 6.30pm in the Sant Crist de la Sang church in the Plaça del Rei.

Also, on 18th December there will be a chance to enjoy another very special Christmas Concert given by the Mos Cantars choir at the Magatzem theatre.

A show with more than 40 years of history that has become a real symbol of Christmas in Tarragona, mixing classical works with contemporary ones.

The recital is free, but voluntary donations can be made at the box office to the TV3 charity Marató, which this year is devoted to mental health.

Not forgetting, of course, the Christmas Concert by the Ciutat de Tarragona choir! Another symbol of the city at this special time of year.

In this case, the concert will be on 19th December, a choral recital featuring carols and more.

It combines Christmas tradition with danceable music, with dance companies including traditional groups, Sardana groups and stick dancers.

Image of the Cor de la Ciutat during Christmas in Tarragona
The Cor Ciutat de Tarragona after the Christmas concert.

At 7.00pm on 21st December, don’t miss another of the most traditional concerts: the Concert de Santa Cecília, by the Gregal and Sageta de Foc choirs, in the church of Sant Miquel del Pla.

És Nadal a dins el Pot Petit

Jana, Pau, Melmelada Band and lots of their friends are back with És Nadal a dins El Pot Petit, a musical show perfect for all the family, especially children aged 3 to 12.

All the characters in this great show will be accompanied by thirteen wonderful musicians, and all together they’ll made you dance, sing and enjoy songs that are gradually winning audiences’ hearts and are already part of many households’ family soundtrack.

The concert will be on 19th December with three performances, at 12 midday, 4pm and 6.30pm, and tickets cost 18 euros.

Show "És Nadal a dins el Pot Petit".
The show “És Nadal a dins el Pot Petit” can be enjoyed with the whole family.

See other shows at the theatres of Tarragona this Christmas. There are options to cater for all tastes and all ages.

More family activities for a magical Christmas in Tarragona

Christmas children’s park

It’s time for one of the activities most eagerly awaited by kids, the Christmas children’s park, which aims to put the joy back into Christmas this year, packed with novelties including fun workshops, new areas and great shows.

It costs from €2 to €4 and takes place from 27th December to 4th January at the Tarragona congress centre.

Image of the Children's Christmas Park
The Children’s Christmas Park is one of the children’s favourite activities.

Christmas markets and fairs

We’re also bringing back the nativity scene at the Central Market this Christmas!

Until 9th January you’ll find one of the best examples of traditional nativity scenes.

Moreover, the markets of Tarragona will be dressing up for Christmas, showing off Christmas decorations handmade by users of the Estela foundation employment scheme.

You’ll also find craft products at the traditional artisans’ fair held until 6th January on the Rambla Nova, where you’re sure to find ideas for your presents this festive season.

You can also buy the most original Christmas decorations this year.

And at the Christmas market open until 23rd December you can find Christmas items, trees and nativity figures.

Tions and caganers to suit all tastes at a market with new wooden stalls recalling traditional Christmas markets. And don’t forget to take a stroll down the Rambla Nova.

Image of the Christmas market
The Christmas market is a recommended visit because of its pleasant atmosphere.

Children’s attractions to enjoy Christmas with kids

The city of Tarragona at Christmas is packed with things for families to do with the smallest members of the household.

If you take a walk around the city you’ll come across magical elves singing and dancing in the streets, and even the Snow Slide, a 40-metre inflatable that simulates an ice sledge and will be visiting five different places in the city.

You can go on it from 11am to 2pm, and in the afternoon from 5 to 8pm.

If you like ice skating, make sure you go along to Les Gavarres this Christmas holiday.

You’ll find the widest, most distinctive and fullest range of shopping in southern Catalonia.

Until 9th January it’s hosting the big Tarracogel ice rink, where you can have a good time with all the family enjoying the festivities and one of the most Christmassy of all sports.

It costs 8 euros, but keep an eye out – you can find discounts!

This Christmas in the streets of Tarragona there are even more surprises to discover: children’s workshops, treasure hunts, visual magic and lots of music, among other things.

Take a look at this website to discover them all and enjoy the Christmas we all deserve, a magical Christmas full of tradition and packed with fun!

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Tarragona Turisme wishes you a merry Christmas! See you in Tarragona!